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scrunchy faces ; w;


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This is my stone Discord statue I made 2 years ago.  I am now selling him for $400 (no less) but here’s the catch:

He’s so fragile that I am afraid to ship him so I am bringing him with me to BronyCon to sell instead.  If there is anyone who is going to Bronycon who wants to buy him off of me or if you know someone going there that would be interested, please let me know so we can meet up somewhere.  The best place to contact me is via private message on my Deviant Art or my Twitter.  I would recommend it be someone who is driving to BronyCon by car though because I wouldn’t trust airport security with taking good care of this sculpture.

Also, before I give him to you, I am going to show him at the sculptors panel I am planning to be a part of so please be sure to attend that.  More info will be given about that panel when I have it.  After the panel, we can meet up and do the trade so please be sure to have your money ready.

You may choose whether to pay in advance via paypal or to pay up front in cash at the convention. I would prefer the latter unless you are ABSOLUTELY sure you can make it to BronyCon and can find me.  If no one contacts me between now and when the con starts, I am going to walk around with him with a for sale sign to see if anyone I run into might be interested.  I will NOT be at any vendor tables because you are only allowed to vendor if you have applied and are accepted.  You’ll have to find me anywhere outside of the vendor.

If you are not going to BronyCon and are really interested in buying this guy now, you will be responsible for paying extra for both shipping AND handling because I will have to do tons of work to get him packaged nice and safe so he doesn’t break (his arm already came off once so he is extra fragille).  That will probably be $50ish all together because his box is going to be big.  If it turns out the shipping for him is cheaper at my post office, I may refund you some money.  Also, I can ONLY send it to someone in the US, they will probably ruin this guy if he has to go through customs.

So if you are interested, please contact me, otherwise, look for me at BronyCon.  :)

EDIT:  ALso, I forgot to mention, in these photos, Discord has not been properly sealed yet.  I will get to work on that before the con.

WOW What a majestic piece!

I’m not buying, but I want to say this is the greatest sculpture I’ve seen of Discord so far.

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padre del año xD

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Request - King Sombra by Evehly

I have a thing for sombra




ponycycle said: Celestia in #12?

I hope you enjoy her toothpaste mane



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